How to Use Our Services

Corporate Yoga

30-40min lunchtime classes // 60min before work classes // 60-75min afterwork classes, we’ve got you covered!

  • Chair Yoga
  • No room for yoga mats? No problem!  Chair yoga is great for offices or banquet rooms and gets seat-bound bodies moving without the need for extra space!

  • Hatha and Flow Yoga
  • Painful low backs, sore necks, and tense shoulders? This vigorous yet accessible class is a great way to inject movement into a full day of sitting in front of a computer.

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Perpetually busy minds struggling to find creative ideas and solutions to problems? Mindfullness meditation offers quiet time for staff to land back in the present moment, learn how to see the patterns their mind is following, get better at responding rather than reacting to situations, and become more resilient to lifes challenges.

  • Yoga + Meditation
  • The best of both worlds! Begin with some yoga (either mat or chair) and end with a guided meditation.

    Corporate Pricing

    Contact us now through our website or email us at   for a quote once we have clarity around your specific needs.
    24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

    Private In-Home Yoga Sessions

    Personal schedule doesn’t match up with your local studio’s class schedule? Too anxious to participate in a group class? Want more personalized instruction than you’ll get in a large group? Try personal yoga sessions!

    Just like you might get from a personal trainer, private yoga sessions can meet your specific needs, work with your specific personality, interests, and medical history to shape a practice specifically for you.