Who We Are

Director and Administrator

Kassandra Prus

Location – West Toronto, Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke

Experience – Seniors, Arthritis, Joint Replacements, Chronic Pain, Injuries, Limited Mobility, Trauma, Chair, Yin, Yoga Therapy, Hatha, Mindfulness, Ball Rolling, LGBTQ, Traumatic Brain Injury

Kassandra is a therapeutic yoga teacher with over 450 hours of training and specializes in trauma-informed viniyoga (yoga therapy); chair, yin, hatha, and restorative yoga; meditation; and seniors exercise. She is greatly influenced by her teachers and mentors Felicia and Ante Pavlovic, Tracey Soghrati, Alison Crouch, Joshua Lewis, and Jules Mitchell. Kassandra is committed to engaging with yoga’s broader contexts in her teaching (breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and takeaways into everyday life) as well as increasing functional mobility and strengthening the body through posture practices. She encourages autonomy, insight, and self-acceptance in her students and genuinely hopes that their yoga practices help to increase their resiliency and activate their own self-healing.

Training – 2017 – Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury w/ Love Your Brain Foundation (16hr) // Roll Model Method – Jill Miller (12hr) // Seniors on the Move – Margot McKinnon @ Body Harmonics Pilates (6hr) • 2016 Biomechanics of Yoga – Jules Mitchell (12hr) // Yoga for Youth – New Leaf Yoga Foundation (15hr) • 2015 Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Sarah Kinsley (8hr) // Yin Yoga – Tracey Soghrati (50+ hour) // Chair Yoga – Michael Hutkins Yoga (8hr)  // Yoga Therapy Toronto (300+ hour)

“Although I’m a very active person, I never spent time looking after myself physically. I really demonstrated to myself my years of self neglect after committing to and beginning chair yoga. Kassandra has slowly but steadily helped me gain better balance, become a bit more flexible, and stronger. It will take time to come back to the level I aspire to but little by little I am improving.”
~ Lydia

Senior Teachers

Lisa Antoszek – Founder

Location – Toronto West

Experience – Active, Gentle, Seniors, Limited Mobility, Hypermobility, Prenatal, Postnatal, Chair, Trauma

Lisa has also been teaching yoga for over 10 years, and has experience teaching classes that can vary from quite active, to chair yoga for people with less mobility. Lisa is certified in various styles of movement, including Movement for Trauma and Pilates. She volunteered with West End Silver Circle teaching chair yoga for many years, and currently volunteers her time teaching chair movement classes at PARC. Lisa is comfortable teaching people from all different backgrounds and abilities. Lisa is a big fan of biomechanics and incorporates functional movement principals into her classes. She is a lifelong student, and is always taking workshops, reading, and listening to podcasts to learn more about the human body and movement, in its many forms. Lisa is also a mom to 3 little boys.

Training – 2017 Resistance Apparatus – Body Harmonics (6 hr) // Pilates Level 1 Mat – Body Harmonics (60hr) // Anatomy In Motion – Body Harmonics (6 hr) 2016 Movement for Trauma Level 2 – Jane Clapp (21 hr) // Movement for Trauma Level 1 – Jane Clapp (16hr) 2013 Restorative Yoga – Octopus Garden (40 hr) // Chair Yoga – Annette Wertman (6 hr) 2010 Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga – Sadie Nardini (6 hr) 2007 Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga – Yoga Space (70hr) // Vinyasa Yoga – Downward Dog (200 hr)

“Lisa is an enthusiastic and warm instructor who clearly loves what she does. We have worked with Lisa for close to one year now and she comes to our home weekly.  She always tailors the class to meet our individual physical needs and after each class we feel so relaxed and fabulous.”
~ Michelle and Ilan

Karmit Ifrah

Location – Downtown Toronto, Midtown Toronto, West Toronto, East Toronto, Thornhill

Karmi Ifrah

Experience – Prenatal, Postnatal, Kids Yoga, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa, Seniors, Ashtanga, Limited Mobility

Karmit Ifrah began her yoga practice as a means of getting fit and reducing stress. Her emotional and physical bond to yoga started when she was pregnant with her daughter and was introduced to the pre natal yoga classes. Instantaneously, she knew it was the beginning of a journey towards personal growth within the fascinating world of yoga. Karmit’s introduction to dance and movement started at a young age, and it allowed her to connect to yoga in a very distinguished way. Yoga, for Karmit means self- healing and self-expression through the movement. She integrates movement to her Hatha and Vinyasa classes to add creativity and explore one’s body through the rhythm of breath and music. She also likes to challenge her students by encouraging them to respect and be in tune with their own body and its limits. One of her goals and enthusiasm is to share her special journey with her students and she believes that yoga is a lifelong journey of continuous study and exploration.

Training –  2015 – Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Mindful Bodyworks (16hr)  // Mat Pilates – EastWest Yoga (20hr) • 2014 – LeBarre Teacher Training (16hr) // PostNatal Yoga – EastWest Yoga (20hr) • 2013 – Prenatal and Post Natal Teacher Training  – Esther Meyers (20hr) • 2012 – Kid’s Yoga – The Yoga Sanctuary (40hr) // Restorative Yoga – The Yoga Sanctuary (30hr)  // Yoga Teacher Training – The Yoga Sanctuary (250hr)

Ella Isakov

Ella Isakov

Ella Isakov discovered yoga over a decade ago while living in Japan working as a school teacher, and has taught yoga to adults and children for over 7 years. Ella feels that yoga found her and is grateful for the beautiful gifts she continuously discovers on her journey. Her passion and purpose in life has always been to inspire others to uncover their inner knowing and light within. Ella provides a warm and attentive environment, giving special attention to individual needs and challenging students to go deeper, integrating breath and allowing for a greater connection to body, mind and spirit. She has experience working with clients with special circumstances, such Chronic Pain Disorder, scoliosis and depression. Ella also teaches kids yoga, is passionate about raw food and promoting a healthy lifestyle with her company Prana Retreats, and the editor for Parvati Online Magazine yoga section.

Training – 2014 Yin Yoga – Goodlife Clubs (25hr) // Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training – Ana Forrest (75hr) • 2012 Leadership Training – Off The Mat, Into the World (40hr) // Raw Food & Juicing for Disease – Cruda Cafe (100hr) • 2011 Vipassana Meditation – 2 10-day meditation retreats // Yoga Therapy – Phoenix Rising (900hr) • 2010 Restorative Yoga– Judith Lasater (30hr) 2007 Yoga Teacher Training – Downward Dog Yoga (300hr)

Olessia Kouzina

Olessia has been exploring yoga and asana practice since 2002, when she walked into a class of her local studio in Toronto, and immediately fell in love with the grace of movement and a “no pressure” approach. With a background in array of sports and dance ranging from gymnastics and ballet, to horse riding and snowboarding, yoga was a natural progression into a more mindful and gentle approach to movement and body conditioning. Mainly focusing on classical Ashtanga sequencing, Olessia builds classes around her students. She enjoys teaching beginners, and private classes as it gives her the opportunity to help students set proper foundation for future practice. Olessia’s classes are alignment based, with emphasis on transitions between poses, which makes her classes accessible to most people. Being a mom to a little girl, Olessia has experience with pre-natal yoga and kids yoga as well. She teaches in a relaxed and playful manner and encourages her students to smile, let go and enjoy their time practicing. Olessia mostly teaches Vinyasa style classes, Pilates, Yogalates, Body conditioning, and also does Restorative yoga, Yin, and Kids Art and Yoga classes.

Training – 2014 Body Conditioning (Ashley Galvin) • 2012 Downward Dog Yoga Centre 250 hour RYT // Hand balancing and upper body strength workshop ( Downward Dog Yoga) • 2010 Hip openers and splits workshop (Yoga Sanctuary) • 2008 Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking (Ashtanga Yoga Thailand) • 2008 Meditation and Pranayama (Ashtanga Yoga Thailand)

Rory Nicol

Rory NicolLocation – Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, West Toronto, Downtown Toronto

Experience – Physical Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disability, Fibromyalgia, Trauma, Psychotherapy, Men, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Mindfulness, Pranayama, Gentle Hatha, Chair Yoga, Therapeutic, Grief, Online Yoga

Rory teaches an interdisciplinary approach to yoga with a bent towards Hatha and Vinyasa. His focus begins with understanding the internal movement of breath. By putting awareness on the breath, you can become your own monitor for how far your body can go during your yoga practice. Rory’s main goal is not only to teach yoga poses and proper posture, but to also encourage the deepening development of mind/body awareness for each student. Rory began practicing yoga in 2002 after volunteering at the world renowned yoga and meditation centre Kripalu. Initially drawn to yoga in order to better understand the connection between his physical health and emotions, he quickly realized that yoga was a great way to explore the mind/body connection more fully. After developing his own practice for several years he took his teacher training at Nosara, Costa Rica in 2007. Alongside his many years teaching private and group yoga throughout the GTA, Rory has been practicing and teaching Buddhist meditation since 2003. Today Rory is in the final stages of becoming a psychotherapist. He is also studying the science of mindfulness meditation at University of Toronto and enjoys employing the latest research into his practices.

“I have a physical disability which causes my muscles to be especially tight and which results in my left leg being weaker than the right one. Rory has adapted the poses so that I am more able to do them, but challenges me to keep pushing myself. I am very happy to have started taking these classes with Rory and I look forward to continuing to improve my health with his invaluable guidance.”
~ Rie

Sylvie Normandeau

Sylvie NormandeauLocation – Midtown Toronto, Uptown Toronto, Downtown Toronto, North York

Experience – Beginners, New to Movement, Fusion, Hatha, Pilates, Fitness, Strength Training, Personal Training, Flexibility, Co-ordination, Ballet Barre, Kids and Family Yoga, Chair Yoga, Pranayama, Cancer

Sylvie has been practicing yoga since 2006. Her movement journey began as a young girl where she studied professional ballet and contemporary dance in Winnipeg. She has a thirst for knowledge and a love for all things health and wellness. She is a true believer in the balance between mind, body and spirit. She holds a BASc in nutrition, and is certified in traditional fitness, pilates, yoga, barre, and reiki.

Her classes build physical strength, flexibility and a connection to breath and movement. She loves to teach fusion style classes blending creativity with multiple movement modalities together. Her clients are from all walks of life including toddlers and young children in Montessori schools, all the way to older adults with limited mobility. She has been teaching private clients since 2004 and started teaching public classes since 2013 following her 200hr training with Colin Matthews and Beth Rutty at Kula in Oakville.

When she is not teaching clients and classes, she can be found being silly with her daughter and also following creative pursuits on-stage and on screen.

Training – 2016 Pilates Anatomy – Human Kinetics (8hr) • 2014 Total Barre – Stott Pilates (8hr) // Usui Reiki Master Level – Marry-Anne Haupt • 2013 Seniors Yoga part 1 – Monica Cordes (14hr) // Hatha Yoga – Kula Yoga  (200hr) // Evolution Yoga Training – Sadie Nardini (20hr) • 2012 Cancer Smart Exercise – CanFitPro/Wellspring (8hr) // Kids Yoga – Maalaa/Kids Yoga Now (20hr) • 2011 Mind Body Specialist – CanFitPro (20hr) • 2009 Yoga Exercise Certificate – Susie Dias (16hr) • 2005 PTS (personal training certificate) – CanFitPro • 2004 BASc food & nutrition – Ryerson University

Veta Rotenberg

Location – North York, Midtown Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill

Experience – Prenatal, Postnatal, Yin, Hatha, Anxiety, Injuries, Limited Mobility, Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Veta started practicing yoga 7 years ago and immediately felt that it was not merely a physical practice but an inward journey that allowed her become aware of the intricate connection between body and mind. The yoga practice opened to her the gates to meditation, self-awareness and during pregnancy it promoted a deep bond between Veta and her daughter. With her great passion for anatomy and biomechanics, Veta explores the therapeutic aspects of yoga in her classes to help her students develop acute awareness of their physical and mental state.

Training –  2017 Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Mettaversity (5hr) • 2013 Yin Yoga – The Yoga Sanctuary (40hr) • 2012  Hatha Vinyasa – The Yoga Sanctuary (250hr) // Pre and Post Natal – The Yoga Sanctuary (30hr)

Katalin Tomori

Location – Midtown Toronto, Uptown Toronto, Downtown Toronto, North York, Thornhill

Experience – Trauma, Seniors, Family Yoga, Diastis Recti, Arthritis, Injury, Joint Replacement, Chronic Pain, Chair Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Restorative Yoga, Laughing Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Depression, Anxiety

Katalin has been teaching yoga since 2010, currently under her own private practice “realizeyourself”. She was awarded the title of Yoga Siromani in 2010, and is is a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher (E-RYT).Katalin currently teaching chair yoga classes, stretching and breathing classes, laughter yoga for seniors, yoga & pilates fusion classes, as well as one-on-one private classes. She is well versed in yogas breathing and relaxation practices and has a sound knowledge of yogas “asana” (posture practices). 

Outside of yoga, Katalin is also a counsellor in private practice. She loves to combine her passions for pyschotherapy with yoga, and works with people who are struggling with anxiety or depression. Katalin is passionate about helping clients heal the Body Mind and Spirit. With a personal focus in each of her sessions, she uses a variety of unique approaches tailored to each person and their needs to take a step towards their well-being. 

Training 2016  Restorative Yoga – East to West Yoga (16hr) • 2015 Chair Yoga – Sivananda (8hr) • 2012 Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis – East to West Yoga (16hr) • 2011 Vipassana 10 day Meditation Retreat // Spiritual Psychotherapy Diploma – Transformational Arts College (1000hr) • 2010 Sivananda Hatha Yoga (250hr) • 2008 Quantum Touch Certificate – Dennis Barnett and Kathy Wilson // Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine • 2006 Reiki Level II – Patti Allen

Fatima Tsang

Location – Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Maple, North Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Aurora, Unionville

Experience – Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Kids, Family Yoga, Seniors

Fatima has been a student of Yoga since 2000, wanting to learn more about movement and to heal her own chronic low back.  Fatima began to explore Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and she has been teaching since then. Fatima continues to explore and study many styles of yoga to ensure creativity and balance. Her  classes are a dynamic expression of meditation through motion, with the goal of inspiring students to live their fullest lives and liberating happiness far and wide.  She’s passionate about the physical and mental benefits of both practicing and teaching yoga. In addition to her 250 hour  Yoga Teacher Training, Fatima has since gone on to study Thai Yoga Massage, Restorative Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Yin Yoga. She currently maintains a schedule of classes at selected studios, schools, College, and Retirement Homes and enjoys working with private clients.

Training 2017 Mindful Nutrition – Pangaea Freespirit (16hr) • 2015 Mindfulness Meditation – MindfulBodyWorks (16hr) • 2013 Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls – Jill Miller (8hr) // Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga – The Yoga Sanctuary (30hr) // Restorative Yoga – The Yoga Sanctuary (30hr) • 2012 Kids Yoga – HeartRise, Consious Classroom Yoga for Schools (5hr) // Yin Yoga – Mark Laham (8hr) • 2010 Pure Core Strength with Yoga – Sadie Nardini (8hr) // Anusara Yoga for Common Injuries – Martin Kirk (8hr) // Foam Roller Stabilizer – Stott Pilates (8hr) // Thai Yoga Massage Essentials – Lotus Palm (80hr) // Yoga Teacher Training – The Yoga Sanctuary (250hr)

Nicky Wright

Location – Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, West Toronto

nicky headshot

Experience – Prenatal, Postnatal, Gentle Hatha, Restorative, Flow, Yoga for Athletes, Traumatic Brain Injury

Nicky’s first experience with yoga was with a Rodney Yee DVD in her parents basement. As a competitive runner and a demanding sport athlete, she came to yoga in search of a slower physical practice to offset these more demanding physical activities of her day to day. Years later she sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and came back to her mat for a deeper connection to her mind as she navigated through the rehabilitation of such an injury. She strives to always be a student first and a teacher second. Her classes run at a slow pace where you can dive deeply into your own personal experience. With foundational patterns of breath along with gentle Hatha postures and more alignment based cueing, you are encouraged to explore Yoga and it’s meaning to you.

Training –  2016 Prenatal Yoga Training – Union Yoga (65hr) • 2015 Restorative Yoga Training – Octopus Garden (40hr) / Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training – Union Yoga (8hr) • 2012 Yoga Teacher Trainin – Tula Yoga West (200hr)

Junior Teachers

Laura Bianchi

Location – Toronto
laura headshot
Experience–Gentle Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Corporate, Kids, Teens, Family Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Pranayama (Conscious Breathing), Chanting, Cancer, Mental Health, Chair Yoga

Laura is a Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training, and is currently studying to become a Yoga Therapist (1000hr) specializing in Individualized Orientation. She recognizes and respects the individuality in every individual and applies Yoga appropriately (e.g. strengthening, flexibility, calming, energizing). As a devoted teacher & practitioner, her intention is to improve your overall levels of health and wellbeing from a place of kindness, caring and respect towards yourself. She is currently teaching drop-in and private classes for families, kids and seniors, at studios, schools and corporations, as well as mindfulness yoga classes at non profit organizations and CAMH.

2019 Yoga Therapist Training – Yoga Therapy Toronto (1000+hr) • 2017 Applied Mindfulness Meditation – University of Toronto (70hr) • 2016 Kids Yoga Teacher Training – Bee Birch (28hr) // Reiki Level 1 – Dana Chapman // Yin Restorative Yoga Training  – Yoga Therapy Toronto (20hr) // Yoga for Anxiety and Depression – Esther Myers (12Hr) // Trauma Informed Yoga for Youth –New Leaf Yoga Foundation (15hr) • 2015 First Aid CPR/AED Level C Certification (14hr) – Canadian Red Cross• 2014 Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Therapy Toronto (300+ hr)

Rachel Fell

Rachel FellLocation – Downtown Toronto, East Toronto, West Toronto

Experience – Gentle Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, Self-Regulation,  Stress Reduction, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy, Trauma, Mindfulness Meditation

Rachel is a Yoga Therapy instructor (CRYT-300), with additional trainings in Restorative & Yin Yoga, Yoga for Youth, and Yoga Nidra. She has a special interest in the application of yoga for managing stress, anxiety, depression and trauma related symptoms.

She maintains a dedicated personal practice guided by her mentors, Felicia & Ante Pavlovic of Yoga Therapy Toronto, and the impression they’ve left can be felt in her ability to teach the practice of yoga as a gentle exploration of the body, breath and mind.

Rachel’s approach to teaching is grounded in the philosophy that yoga is meant to serve the current physical & emotional needs of the student – and that yoga can be adapted for everyone regardless of age, ability, or physicality.

Her classes provide clear and compassionate instruction from a trauma-informed perspective, while holding space for students to embody their own experience.

Training – 2016 iRest Yoga Nidra Training – Philip Beck  (5hr ) // Yoga for Youth Training – New Leaf Yoga Foundation (15hr) • 2015 Restorative & Yin Yoga  –  Yoga Therapy Toronto (30hr) // Yoga Therapy Toronto (300hr)

“My teenage daughter has a serious anxiety disorder and has been working with Rachel for the past year.  Rachel’s gentle, mindful sessions leave my daughter feeling relaxed and positive.  Rachel’s warmth and dedication make her an exceptional teacher.”
~ Olivia

Mary Ghandi

Mary Ghandi

Having lived on the West Coast for most of the last 7 years, Mary completed her Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Los Angeles at Corepower Yoga. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, having completed her studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has led nutrition workshops and a yoga retreat in Toronto and has taught abroad in Costa Rica and Mexico. Currently, she is also studying to become a Holistic Life Coach. Her approach to teaching is lighthearted, playful and nonjudgmental. “The perfect pose is exactly the one you are in.”

Training – 2011 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, Los Angeles, Corepower Yoga // Restorative Training DWD, Toronto • Thai Yoga Massage Levels 1 and 2, Thai Massage Toronto School • Specializing in Vinyasa and Hatha

“Mary’s classes are a place where everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come with all of who they are. She creates a space of unconditional love, joy, and growth and grounds the spiritual with the practical, offering tools through the union of mind, body, spirit and heart to be a more joy-filled, empowered person in the world. I always leave feeling more uplifted and inspired then when I came in.”
~ Suzanne

Sue Martin

Location – Etobicoke, West Toronto, Missisauga, Oakville, Brampton

Experience – Seniors, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga, Hatha, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Adaptive Yoga

Yoga has been an important part of Sue’s life for almost 20 years and she is committed to sharing the gifts of the practice to students of all ages and abilities. Her diverse training and experience has created a strong foundation for teaching beginner and intermediate Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and has also led to teaching specialized yoga and mindfulness for children, seniors, and individuals with a range of health and mobility concerns. Sue is passionate about continuous learning in diverse yoga and movement modalities to inform her teaching and also enjoys a light hearted approach to best support the health and well being of her students.

Training – 2017 Adaptive Yoga Training – Yoga Detour (22hr)  // Knees and Ankles – Octopus Garden // Realigning Yoga – Yoga and Anatomy Research (4.5hr) // Yoga Biomechanics and Asana – Jules Mitchell (4.5hr) // What are you actually doing in Asana – Matthew Remski (4.5hr) • 2016 Healing Trauma Through Yoga – David Emerson (5hr) // Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Space (200hr) // Yoga for Seniors – Breathe Yoga Studio (20hr) // Teaching Yoga to Children – Maureen Rae (3hr) • 2015 Chair Yoga – Tracey Eccleston (6hr) // Fast Track Yoga – Maureen Rae (15hr) • 2013 Yoga Nidra – Amrit Desai (30hr)

Quinn Matthews

Quinn MatthewsLocation – Toronto

Experience – Vinyasa (Flow), Mindfulness Meditation

Quinn first began practicing Yoga about five years ago as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. He quickly found the practice of Yoga to be very beneficial for both body and mind. Quinn completed his teacher training in early 2017 and has been teaching since then.

In addition to yoga Quinn is a knowledgeable practitioner of mindfulness meditation. He believes that meditation is essential for anyone wishing to optimize their health and vitality. Quinn began a personal meditation practice after attending a spiritual retreat in the Amazon rainforest of Peru two years ago. Since then, Quinn has been a dedicated student of mindfulness meditation and has become passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness with others. When we practice mindfulness, our capacity for compassion, gratitude, and joy increases and we become more connected with everything around us.

Training – 2017 Octopus Garden (200hr)

Anand Ondhia

Anand began practicing yoga in 2008, primarily to self-treat back pain. It worked like magic and inspired a love for yoga that is constantly growing! This passion has led to an integration of Hatha yoga, Yin/Restorative yoga, Meditation and Buddhist practices in his lifestyle. In September 2013, Anand completed the 300-hour intensive Moksha Hot Yoga Teacher Training. In June 2016, Anand completed the Advanced Flow Yoga Teacher’s Training with Bibi at YogaSpace. He hopes to help students discover the wealth of benefits and inner resources that can be experienced with practice, achieving greater well being on all levels. As a regular competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Anand has massive appreciation for the use of yoga as a tool to counter-balance the ‘Yang’ activities that can represent a disproportionate part of our fast-paced lives. In Anand’s classes, you can expect a ‘Mindfulness Yoga’ style with many cues to cultivate awareness of mental, bodily and breathing processes.

Lucas Passarella

Location – West Toronto, Downtown Toronto

Experience –Strength Building, Movement Based Therapy, Back Injuries, Weight Loss, Men, Yoga for People Who Don’t Like Yoga

Lucas was introduced to yoga in 2012 while studying Software Development in university. The lack of exercise from being in front of a computer most of the time and the stress of school brought Lucas into a slump of anxiety and depression. The physical benefits of yoga affected him shortly after he started, Lucas lost weight, and became stronger through the practice of asana (sanskrit word for postures) developing confidence in his everyday life. As he dwelled deeper into his practice Lucas discovered psychological benefits through pranayama (sanskrit for breath control) keeping him present minded and melting away anxiety. After completing his 250 hour teacher training with Yoga Tree in Toronto, he jumped at the first opportunity to teach. Eventually Lucas quit his full time job to pursue his passion to teach yoga and help others through yoga. Lucas currently operates within Toronto and the GTA. Outside of yoga Lucas is a pop-punk fan and avid show goer, you can commonly find him singing along in the pit moshing with other fans.

Training – 2016 Flystrong Levels 1-3 – Dylan Werner • 2015 Core Strength Vinyasa – Sadie Nardini (50hr) • 2014 Yoga Tree (250hr)

Lauren Pragg

Location – East Toronto, Scarborough, East York, Durham, Markham, North York

Experience – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Chair, Mindfulness, LGBTQ, fat positive

Lauren has been doing yoga for over 10 years and is excited to now be a certified teacher. They believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone who wants to find stillness and movement wherever they are. Lauren completed their training in July 2017 through Karma Teachers Toronto and has since been teaching small or private classes across Toronto.

Lauren is committed to making space for those who may not feel comfortable or welcome at yoga studios or in fitness spaces. They are a queer, genderqueer person of colour and hope to make others who haven’t felt represented in wellness spaces feel at ease. In addition to yoga, Lauren is a student of Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and is excited to build on the connection between food and energy.

Training – 2017 Karma Teachers Toronto (200hr)

How much does it cost?

In-Home Yoga Price

30-45 minute class 
$50-$100 (depending on number of participants, travel time, and complexity of needs)

60 minute class
$60-$120 (depending on number of participants, travel time, and complexity of needs)

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