As a new client you may be wondering…

I’m looking to start yoga but what the heck is Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin….?!

Hatha Yoga: Slow and steady, may sweat a bit, strong with relaxation and stretching at the end.

Vinyasa/Ashtanga/Flow Yoga: Faster and sweatier than Hatha, strong and vigorous. Can end with longer held stretches.

Yin Yoga: The longest held stretches. Static (non-moving) and passive (relaxed). All on the floor and supported by props/pillows. Great for stiff folks who think they “aren’t flexible enough” for yoga!

Restorative Yoga: Yoga naptime! All about soothing the nervous system, calming anxiety, and relaxation. A great balance to our hectic city life.

Chair Yoga: Yoga done with the support of a chair. Great for folks with limited mobility, working with balance challenges, recovering from injuries, or those looking for a more supported practice.

Pilates/Core: Functional strengthening work, usually core focused (abdominals, back, shoulders, hips and glutes). Great for injury rehabilitation as well as generally getting strong and lean!

Yoga Therapy/Therapeutic Yoga: Yoga for the individuals personality, needs, mobility level, and interests. A yoga of function over form, that might include things outside of just posture practices, such as mindful eating or walking meditations.

Ball Rolling: Self massage with therapy balls or foam rollers. Sometimes fancily known as “myofascial release”.

Meditation/Mindfulness/Yoga Nidra: A variety of ways to focus the mind and build awareness. Not just about “thinking about nothing”–promise!

Pranayama/Breathwork/Chanting: Yogic breathing techniques. Ways to relax the body, energize it, and purify it.

Reiki: A Japanese healing method where a practitioner holds their hands over your body without touching you and acts as a vessel to send reiki/qi/chi/prana/lifeforce to flow more freely through your body.

Where do you teach?

Currently, we can cover the following areas but if you don’t see your location covered in this list, still reach out and maybe we can find someone for you!

• Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brampton, Milton, Vaughn, Thornhill, North York, Richmond Hill, Maple, Markham, Aurora, Unionville, East York, Durham, Scarborough, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph

Can I book for tomorrow?

As much as we understand how when the need bubbles up and you take action for your self-care, unfortunately teachers don’t always have immediate availability. Because you’re not going to a clinic or studio, instead teachers are coming into your home, we need a bit more notice to arrange your experience, probably 3-7 days.

I am not in shape/ not flexible/ never done yoga before. Can you still teach me?

Of course! Private yoga is a great way to start a fitness regime safely and at your own pace. This is the benefit of private yoga over group classes–your teacher can shape guide a practice that works for you, your needs, and your personality.

What if I don’t feel my teacher is a good match for me?

We always begin with a trial session. Afterwards, we check in with you and your teacher and see if the match fits. If the match isn’t quite right, you can try another teacher. At that point you can decide if you’d like to just pay for those single sessions, or continue forward with a package. But we think we can find you the perfect match!

Do I need a lot of space in my home to do this?

No, you only need enough space to comfortably lay out a yoga mat. Us yoga teachers can work around that. If you are unsure what the best spot in your house may be, we can help you decide and help move some things around, if needed.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

Only your yoga mat or chair. We bring any additional props, like yoga blocks and straps. Please also wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. If you’re working on meditation with your teacher, please have a cushion/pillow/chair that you like to sit on for your meditations.

Can I eat my breakfast/lunch/dinner right before class?

We ask that any large meals be consumed about 2 hrs prior to class-time. Any smaller meals or snacks about 30 minutes before class, whenever possible. Many people feel uncomfortable during class if they eat large meals too close to the session.

What if our class gets interrupted because of kids/baby/work?

It is all good. We ask that you try to set aside a time where you can have some peace and quiet and are free from interruption, but we understand that sometimes that’s not possible! We totally get it if we need to pause for a moment (or 5) due to the kids, or baby crying, or and important work call. We will even try to make the time up to you whenever possible.

Can I invite my significant other/friend to class sometime?

Of course! We’re all about spreading the yoga love. It’s only an extra $15/person/class above your base quoted rate.

Lisa is an extremely skilled yoga teacher who uses her humour and warmth to create a very non-intimidating environment for students of all levels to explore their yoga practice. It is always a special treat to attend one of Lisa’s classes—she offers the perfect balance of a challenging practice without every feeling pushed, while cultivating compassion and inner peace.

How much does it cost?

In-Home Yoga Price

Basic Teacher Package 
12 Class Package – $80+hst/class
24 Class Package – $75+hst/class 
Single Class/Trial Class – $110+hst/class

Experienced Teacher Package 
12 Class Package – $95+hst/class
24 Class Package – $90+hst/class 
Single Class/Trial Class – $125+hst/class

Specialist Teacher Package 
12 Class Package – $110+hst/class
12 Class Package – $105+hst/class 
Single Class/Trial Class – $140+hst/class

Add an additional client for only $15 extra per class!

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Corporate and School Pricing

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How do I get started?

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