Being Uprooted

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I’m moving next week. Our family is moving onto a super nice street into a super nice house which we have been renovating for about 37 years now. (haha) This move has been a very long time coming, and even though I’ve known it’s been coming for a while now, it doesn’t change the way I feel. I do not like transitions. I don’t like feeling uprooted. I don’t like living living out of boxes and not knowing where my things are, and not feeling organized. I’m the kinda person who has multiple lists going constantly and sometimes even lists that detail points from other lists. It’s ridiculous. So putting all of our stuff into a bunch of boxes and moving them to a new house isn’t exactly my idea of a good time!

I’ve gotta keep myself grounded in any way possible during this transition. I don’t have a lot of time right now; ┬áno time to do yoga, or go to a bootcamp class, or make a big batches of complicated soup– things that I normally do that help to keep me grounded. So I turn to nature.

I spend a lot of time in parks due to my very active 3 year old, and that’s a good thing. Sitting in dirt or grass or sand, being surrounded by trees- that’s medicine for the soul. Gardening is another thing that grounds me. I have a tiny garden on our back deck. It isn’t much, but the plants love it back there. They grow and grow like crazy. A couple times a week I go back there and water the plants, and in those few minutes I spend tending to those herbs and veggies, an intense calm washes over me. Every time. The healing power of nature.






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