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Well, I’m a few days late here, but Happy New Year to you. I took a bit of a break from blogging over the holidays because our family has a ton of visiting and traveling, and I barely had time to shower, let alone think about blogging!

I wanted to share with you a few updates in My Personal Yoga land. We’ve added a few teachers, and will be adding even a few more to serve you better! We have lots of Juniors, so if you can’t afford classes with one of our seniors teachers, then we have lots of options for teachers at a bit of a lower rate. We’ll also be adding a few more senior teachers as well. Our seniors have a few more years experience than our juniors, and have a variety of backgrounds and focuses in their teaching and practice.

We will be introducing a new referral program, so our current clients can receive free classes when they refer a friend. And lastly, I will be finally getting around to making some videos! Yay! I will be  focusing on very short practices for those who don’t have a lot of time, focusing on areas that I get the most questions about; bad back in regular bodies, bad back in pre and post natal bodies, strengthening core (which is coincidentally related to bad back! 🙂 ) and then I’ll also do some “regular” short classes focusing on different areas of the body, as well as chair classes for seniors and those with limited mobility.

On a more personal level, I’ll be getting back into volunteering. I used to volunteer teaching seniors’ chiar yoga at the Tamil Co-op up by my old house. I loved it. It was always one of the highlights of my week. Since having my 2nd son, I haven’t gotten back into the volunteer zone just yet, just because we were so busy with moving and the baby and the 3 year old…. But now that my baby isn’t nursing ALL the time, and we have somewhat-settled into our new place, I am excited to get back into volunteering again! This warms my heart quite a bit.

Lots of fun things on the way! Wishing you all health and vitality in the new year.


Oh hey, a yoga selfie! :) While testing out tools to make my videos I tried out some selfies. Not really in the full pose..... but on my way to Navasana!

Oh hey, a yoga selfie! 🙂 While testing out tools to make my videos I tried out some selfies. Not really in the full pose….. but on my way to Navasana!



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