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Welcome to My Personal Yoga!

There’s been some changes around here lately and I wanted to update everyone on the three categories of yoga and mindfulness facilitation that we can help you with:

• Private In-Home Yoga

The basis of our business is the personal trainer-esque, yoga teacher comes to your home model. This is a great way to work with questions you might have that you don’t get answered in your group classes; personal support to work through chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, depression, anxiety, and more; a and a way to have yoga or meditation fit into your personal schedule. You can even do yoga with your kids!

• Corporate Yoga

Corporate settings are another venue we are happy to send teachers to with great benefits to your staff. Reduce stress, increase inter-department mingling, and promote resiliency in your staff. These classes can range from chair yoga in a boardroom where staff need not even change clothes, to mat yoga if you have some open space. Reach out and see what we can offer your staff–whether some quality rest, or a good strong reinvigoration!

• Classroom and School Teacher/Staff Yoga

Newer to the business is in-school yoga. We can help you bring mindfulness, self regulation, and empathy building into your classroom. Or also offer some respite to your staff before or after school or at lunchtime! Or perhaps a yoga club is something you’d like to offer–let’s chat!

Here’s to the future!

~ Kassandra

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