Spring Meditation

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Spring is in the air! The last few days, the birds have been chirping, the sun has been shining, and slowly, very slowly, it seems to be getting a little bit warmer…….

I always start to feel a bit reflective during transitional seasons. It’s the end of one season, and the beginning of another. Without coming off as too New-Age-y, this feeling is profound. It effects a lot of people. Some people start to feel their mood lighten a bit as we come out of the darkness of winter. Some people feel depressed with the change in season, or anxious. Everyone is different. Some people may not really feel too much change at all in themselves. while others may feel it more deeply.

Here is a nice short Spring Meditation exercise to help you feel grounded during the transitional season, if you’re feeling a bit off:


1. Lay on your back the ground. You can use a yoga mat, or just a rug. Have the knees bent, the heels a little ahead of the knees, feet spaced about hip distance apart. Feel the back of the neck a little lengthened. If it feels like your head is being pulled back and the chin is lifting (due to tight neck/upper back muscles), place a folded blanket or very low pillow under your head, so that the face is level, and the chin isn’t lifting.

2. Place the finger tips on the belly, just below the belly button. Allow the elbows and upper arms to be supported by the ground.

3. Close the eyes. Take a moment to notice how you feel.

4. Bring your focus to your breath. Breathing in and out through the nose. Start to deepen your breath (but don’t overdo it; be gentle).

5. Become aware of the sensation of your entire back being supported by the ground. Keep breathing.

6. Stay here for a few moments, keeping your mind present. Staying with the breath. Stay here for as long as you like. As short as just a few minutes, or longer if it’s feeling good.

7. It might feel good to stretch before coming out of this. Move around however feels good for you, stretching back, arms, chest, neck, legs….. whatever you need.

8. Slowly come up off the floor, and go on with your day, hopefully feeling calmer and more grounded.

Here is a nice bit of music that would accompany this meditation very well.





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